Our Tall Poppy Syndrome leads to Edit

  • Distrust of leadership. 
  • Distrust of experts and “book-learning”, preferring those who’s achievements are practical. 
  • Lack of workplace and business emotion. 
  • Because we dislike superiority and are sensitised to not make ourselves look superior we have difficulty being an effective manager of people we have worked alongside in a business. Being an effective boss may mean moving to another company where the mateship bonds are absent and the new manager/employee relationship can start without having to hold back. This can cost a firm the meta knowledge built up by the advancing individual. 
  • Because we distrust experts and “book learning” we fail to imbed and effectively utilise and nurture in our businesses talented managers, scientists etc. 
  • Because we tend not to show respect to those who over-achieve we tend to drive them away. 
  • Because we prefer to keep control and avoid bringing in outside capital the growth in our firms is usually financed out of cash flow and that retards growth. 
  • Because we distrust experts we fail to subject our inventions to the analysis and refining needed to reduce the need for trial and error and move them closer to being profitable innovations. 

So, what does this mean?Edit

How do we not do this?Edit

This is where you tell your story on how you overcame this impediment, and stopped being a tall poppy smashing dick.

"I had a problem with authority and in general people whom I felt were telling me what to do.  What made them so special!  I always had to prove a point, that I was smarter, I would show them.  I had problems accepting that people on my team were smarter than me, and that perhaps somemosttimes I was wrong.  When I did this, we all failed.  It just doesn't work.  You are all pulling each other down, it is going to end badly.  Part of the change for me was first of all fessing up when I screwed up and I was wrong and they were right. This was the first step in accepting that it's okay to not be the smartest person in the room, and to rely on other's success and abilities to help me achieve what I wanted.  Fessing up and asking for their help changed everything for me.  Now I surround myslef with impressive people and they only make me look more impressive." - Vaughan Rowsell, CEO Vend.

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